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We will find the perfect merchant account to match your business

Every business operating online must have a merchant account in order to accept payments. Sadly, very few business owners actually understand exactly how these merchant accounts truly work and how to use your internet merchant account provider to help your company bost profits.

Merchant Account Mentors is proud to represent companies of any size. Our job is to always be looking out for your companies best interests and negotiating merchant account providers to provide your business with terms that are actually fair.

Increase Profits More Than 2-5% For Free!

By negotiating with merchant account providers, we lower your costs.

Merchant Account Mentors is paid by the merchant account providers when we place your business with them. This allows us to provide your company with our merchant account brokering and consulting services at little to no cost depending on your needs and business model!

When we negotiate with the merchant acount providers our goal is to focus on reducing not only your rate, but also transaction fees, hold backs and reserves, and

Troubles With Your Merchant Account?

Feeling bullied? Allow us to speak to these companies for you.

More often than not, an online business will run into trouble with their merchant account providers some time or another. Generally thiscould result in a rate increase or even something as drastic as your funds being held or having your name to be added to the dreaded terminated merchant file (TMF).

If you are tired of dealing with these merchant account companies, or feel like you are being bullied or taken advantage of then let us help! Merchant Account Mentors will not back down and by usinge little known industry rules, regulations, and tactics we can usually resolve nearly any issue you may have with your current merchant account.










Very few people within the ecommerce industry really, truly understand credit card processing. There is so much unique terminology and so many pitfalls, that it is quite easy to be taken advantage of.

Merchant account consultants are around to represent your company in merchant account placement and fees negotiation.

With years of experience, Merchant Account Mentors not only knows what to avoid, but also what works within each industry.

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Free merchant account placement!

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